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Taxes and investment strategies

(In collaboration with our accounting, tax and management partners)

It is necessary to respect your distinctive features in order to create and implement the solutions in order to optimize the tools a company can use to encourage employees to stay and grow together, as well as optimize the corporate structure for shareholders and owners.

  • Group Pension Plan

  • IPS- EHSP/"split-dollar"

  • Optimization of revenues sources between salary, dividends, capital gains

  • Planning for capital gains exemption and management of capital losses

  • Risk profile, asset Allocation, reassessment and rebalancing of portfolios

  • GICs, Segregated Funds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Exempt market securities

  • Systematic saving and balancing program

  • Deductible expenses

  • Leveraged loan

  • Currency hedging

Financial Analysis and Cash Management

Focus on what you like and give us the administrative and management part you do not like. Your time and money are precious. We are here to make you earn more. We work as ad hoc consultants or in periodic support.

  • Cash flow, optimization of the investment requirements and capacities according to time horizons and planned expenditures

  • Optimization of the banking system

  • Planning your objectives according to the growth of the company

  • Projection of future income, strategies of accumulation

  • Optimization and management of borrowing capacity and lines of credit

  • Purification of assets and optimization of liabilities

  • Tax and income strategies, deductible expenses

  • Operating and holding companies, Trusts

  • Government Programs and project funding, ROI

  • Risk management

  • Currency hedging

Risk management and insurance

Each situation is unique and it is all about protecting a company and its members the best we can as well as optimizing the corporate structure for shareholders and owners. We're also here to accompany the employees and the company in the difficult moments when transitioning to a more stable situation.

  • Group Insurance

  • Incapacity of a partner

  • Death of a partner

  • Invalidity of a partner or the entrepreneur, current expenses and business expenses

  • Illness of a partner and/or key employee

  • Shareholders agreement

  • Protection against bankruptcy and consequences on your personal property

  • Protection of operations

  • Transition support and financial stabilization of dismissed employeesAssurances collectives

Business succession planning


You put so much effort into the realization of your projects, it is not so that it disappears when you retire to take advantage of it, ensure the continuity of your vision.

  • Business continuity

  • Transmission of know-how

  • Optimization and evaluation of estate taxes

  • Tax rollover

  • Optimization of intergenerational transfers, transfer of assets during life and at death

  • Heirs & beneficiaries

  • Insurance

  • Planned gifts, estate Foundation


One element appeals to you and you think your company and your employees will benefit from it, our experts will share their knowledge through their workshops and trainings

  • Accounting analysis and dashboards

  • Organizational development

  • Business continuity

  • Inter-generational transfer

  • Transmission of know-how

  • Team Consolidation

  • Salary equity

  • Communication

  • Time and priority management


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